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Virtual reality exercise improves mobility after stroke: an inpatient randomized controlled trial

Daniel McEwen, Anne Taillon-Hobson, Martin Bilodeau, Heidi Sveistrup, Hillel Finestone

Effect of Virtual Reality on Cognitive Dysfunction in Patients with Brain Tumor

Effect of Virtual Reality on Cognition in Stroke Patients

Bo Ryun Kim, M.D.,1 Min Ho Chun, M.D., Lee Suk Kim, M.D., and Ji Young Park, M.D.

Virtual Reality–Induced Cortical Reorganization and Associated Locomotor Recovery in Chronic Stroke An Experimenter-Blind Study

Sung H. You, Pt, Phd; Sung Ho Jang, Md; Yun-Hee Kim, Md, Phd; Mark Hallett, Md; Sang Ho Ahn, Md; Yong-Hyun Kwon, Pt, Ms; Joong Hwi Kim, Pt, Ms; Mi Young Lee, Pt

Virtual reality based intervention in rehabilitation: relationship between motor and cognitive abilities and performance

R Kizony, N Katz And P L Weiss

Virtual reality in neurorehabilitation

Patrice L. Weiss, Rachel Kizony, Uri Feintuch And Noomi Katz

Virtual Reality: An Enabling Environment for Occupational Performance of Leisure Activities for the Older Stroke Survivor

Denise Reid, Ph.D.

Immersion without encumbrance: adapting a virtual reality system for the rehabilitation of individuals with stroke and spinal co

R Kizony, N Katz, H Weingarden And P L Weiss

Virtual reality environments for post-stroke arm rehabilitation

Sandeep Subramanian, Luiz A Knaut, Christian Beaudoin, Bradford J Mcfadyen, Anatol G Feldman And Mindy F Levin

The Virtual Mall: A Functional Virtual Environment for Stroke Rehabilitation

D. Rand M.Sc, N. Katz Ph.D, R. Kizony M.Sc And P.L. Weiss Ph.D.