Gesturetek Health - Recreation and Activation

Recreation and Activation


Gesture-Controlled VR Entertainment Solutions For Activation & Recreational Therapy

GestureTek Heath offers engaging VR gaming and interactive activity centres specifically designed for activation, recreation, entertainment and socialization.


These systems are used in wards, recreation rooms, classrooms, and nursing homes. By bringing immersive, interactive displays into these spaces, GestureTek Health provides an opportunity for boundless exploration and collaborative experience. 

Our gesture-activated play solutions come with a full library of interactive games and activities that can be tailored to children or seniors. Systems can either come as free-standing units that can be set up in any space, projected onto any surface, or displayed on wall-mounted flatscreens.


SensoryFX’s dazzling virtual reality special effects can be projected onto walls, floors, tables, and counters of any size. It creates an immersive experience that offers an array of content that can be either therapeutically engaging or calming.


MultiSensory Gesture Displays place the user on the screen, and empowers them to control virtual worlds by moving objects, changing images and creating dazzling animation effects.


GestureXtreme: allows dynamic body tracking and immersive technology, GestureXtreme places a player’s real-time, full-body video image into exciting virtual environments.

IREX brings both fun and function to the rehabilitation experience, tracking patient’s progress behind the scenes of engaging, motivating, gesture-controlled virtual reality games.


Immersive Therapy Suite: an on-screen gesture-controlled experience that provides the opportunity for patients to engage in music therapy, become active in virtual play, and immerse themselves in a soothing sensory ambience.



MultiTouch: Adaptable hardware solutions that create multi-touch interactivity on any surface, at any size. Using natural gestures, users can resize, reshape, rotate and zoom in and out of images and animations on the fly.