Gesturetek Health - History




The company, based in Canada and co-founded in 1986 by Vincent John Vincent and Francis McDougall, invented video gesture control technology that was part of the origins of the virtual reality (“VR”) field. This pioneering team created a myriad of virtual worlds used in human-computer interface technology, and went on to invent and patent the array of video gesture control technologies that exist today. Since then, the company has expanded application of this technology across multiple sectors, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Digital signage/displays
  • Educational tools
  • Consumer console games
  • Mobile devices

GestureTek has applied this technology and the over 45 patents covering it to a variety of products that have been sold worldwide and licensed to Fortune 500 companies. As examples, GestureTek has licensed its patents and technology to various companies around the world including:

  • Sony for EyeToy on PlayStation
  • Microsoft for XBOX Live and Kinect
  • Hasbro for Ion Education Gaming System
  • And to various other manufacturers, who have applied the technology to over 100 million mobile devices around the world.

GestureTek Health began as a division within GestureTek Systems Inc. in the mid 1990s, when the company first started developing applications specific to health, disability and rehabilitation. Our patent-protected systems have been successfully tested, proven and commercialized on a global scale. To date, over 1000 units have been sold and installed into healthcare facilities.