Gesturetek Health - Team


Vincent John Vincent

CEO, Co-Founder

Co-founder of GestureTek, Vincent John Vincent, has been the creative force behind the company’s technological innovations for the past 25 years.

Vincent's unique insight and vision has been instrumental in defining and developing the video gesture recognition and control industry. In addition to opening up markets for the company's technology, he is responsible for day-to-day operations, sales, marketing, and new product development for the company. Vincent has personally overseen the creation of well over 1000 virtual reality experience applications for games, corporate events, TV productions, education, and virtual therapy uses.  HWhen countless studies showed the positive attributes of the technology in this area, and after having raised investment, the company directed its resources towards productizing the technology for these applications and created a health division to further the investigation.

Since 1986, Vincent has been recognized as the co-inventor of video-gesture technology. He has represented the company  and delivered keynote addresses and presentations at countless industry conferences worldwide. In the past, Vincent was the co-creator and Executive Producer of The International Digital Media Awards, and was on the advisory board for the Toronto Design Exchange VR Visualization Center and the Art Institute of Toronto. In 2003, Vincent was honored by the Canadian Digital Media Association with a Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2007 he was honoured with the Media Guru award in Milan, Italy. In 2011 he was the inductee into the DigiFest "Digital Pioneers Hall of Fame”. That same year, he spoke at TedXWaterloo and spoke at IdeaCity in Toronto. Vincent continues to seek applications of the technologies that have a positive impact on society.

Erol Vekil


Previously the Global Sales Director for GestureTek., Erol is now the President of the company. He has extensive management, sales and business development experience with both start-ups and established organizations in USA, Canada, Europe and globally. Erol has managed multi-million dollar companies and divisions in the areas of consumer electronics (Profilo; Thomson Multimedia), computers (OEM-Toshiba) and enterprise software (Sage; Nexus; Porcan-Datamedia).

As a regional distributor or partner, he has managed manufacturing, distribution and marketing activities with multinational vendors, including Sony, Panasonic, Pace Digital, Sage, IBM, Thomson, Toshiba, Microsoft, File Net, Intel and Psion.

In his sales and business development capacity, he has directly negotiated and sold software and hardware technologies to a wide array of Fortune 500 companies, including McDonald's, Old Navy (GAP), Unilever, Ford, IBM, Coca Cola, P&G, Disney, Pepsi, Cisco, T-Mobile and Sprint.

Erol has a degree in Civil Engineering. 

Varun Sahni


Varun is co-founder of Impact Investment Partners (IIP) a UK based FCA regulated firm that provides consulting services, direct investing and asset management. Prior to IIP, Varun was the first country director of Acumen in India (2005-2010) and has had a number of roles across the not for profit and for profit sectors from Oxfam to CARE to Unilever where he focused primarily on building scalable enterprises.

Varun has been on over 15 boards of both investments and as an independent director, adviser, trustee and investment committee member apart from having a number of successful entrepreneurial ventures.

Varun is an alumni of Columbia University and the London School of Economics where he is a Chevening Scholar in addition to being an Asia Society Global young leader and a TED India Fellow. Varun’s knowledge and experience brings great value to GestureTek Health. Varun is an active director on GestureTek Health’s board.