Gesturetek Health - Neurological


Immersion without encumbrance: adapting a virtual reality system for the rehabilitation of individuals with stroke and spinal

R Kizony, N Katz, H Weingarden And P L Weiss

Abstract: This paper reviews current work on motor rehabilitation using virtual environments and virtual reality and where possible, compares outcomes with those achieved in real-world applications.

Veterans Health Initiative - Traumatic Brain Injury Report

Edited By Rodney Vanderploeg, Phd

Abstract: This independent study presents an overview of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) issues that Primary Care practitioners may encounter when providing care to veterans and active duty military personnel. This independent study module is a part of the Veterans Health Initiative (VHI). This VHI is a comprehensive program of continuing education designed to improve recognition and treatment of health problems related to traumatic brain injury.

Benefits of activity and virtual reality based balance exercise programmes for adults with traumatic brain injury

M. Thornton, S. Marshall, J. Mccomas, H. Finestone, A Mccormick, & H. Sveistrup

Abstract: The objective of this study was to explore multi-dimensional benefits of exercise participation perceived by adults with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and their caregivers. Adults (n=27, aged 18–66) with moderate or severe TBI 6 months or more earlier participated in focus groups following 6 weeks of an activity-based (ABE) or a virtual reality (VR) delivered balance exercise programme. Family members and care providers participated in separate focus groups. Perceptions related to programme participation as well as balance confidence and lower extremity function were extracted from focus group verbatim and quantitative scales, respectively.