Gesturetek Health - Interactive Information Displays

Interactive Information Displays


Providing Dynamic Interaction For Informational
Displays In Healthcare Facilities


GestureTek Health has been leading the way with dynamic, highly engaging interactive information displays in healthcare facilities. They provide both multi-touch displays, and hands-free, point-and-control display systems that help staff, patients and visitors in healthcare facilities intuitively search and navigate information on interactive displays throughout any healthcare facility.

Multi-touch displays allow for any number of touches by individual or multiple users. The displays can be installed on single flat-screens, large video walls, or any size in-between.


By utilising creativity when developing our content, we are able to provide an array of gestural techniques for exploring dynamic informational or way-finding systems.

GestureTek’s unique point-and-control technology (GestTrack3D™) allows users to be hands-free, and point at any size display from any distance. Users can easily control the cursor navigation and mouse clicks with a wave of the hand. In environments where hygiene and the prevention of spreading of germs, is a priority, this style of system is perfect—  as no one ever touches the display.


GestTrack 3D is a groundbreaking 3D depth-tracking software that enables users to control onscreen interaction with simple hand motions and gestures from a distance.


 MultiTouch: Adaptable hardware solutions that create multi-touch interactivity on any surface, at any size. Using natural gestures, users can resize, reshape, rotate and zoom in and out of images and animations on the fly.