Gesturetek Health - Enabling and Assistive Technology for Disabilities

Enabling and Assistive Technology for Disabilities


Enabling and Assistive Gesture-Controlled Technologies


GestureTek Health has a range of flexible and dynamic technologies that empower and enable people with limited mobility to interface with gesture-controlled displays and other aspects of their environments,

Many of our technologies allow participants to explore their own creativity and imagination. Immersive gesture-controlled special effects, images, objects and adventure simulations can be controlled with just the wave of a hand, the blink of an eye, or the sweep of a foot – with no need to hold, touch or be attached to anything. 


Gesture Controlled Learning Environments

GestureTek Health also has immersive learning environments; virtual simulations that allow for individuals with cognitive or developmental disabilities to step into immersive, gesture-controlled scenarios. Patients are engaged and repeatedly experience important lessons or skills. Below are various enabling and assistive technologies for individuals with disabilities:


GestTrack 3D is a groundbreaking 3D depth-tracking software that enables users to control onscreen interaction with simple hand motions and gestures from a distance.

SensoryFX’s dazzling virtual reality special effects can be projected onto walls, floors, tables, and counters of any size. It creates an immersive experience that offers an array of content that can be either therapeutically engaging or calming.

MultiSensory Gesture Displays place the user on the screen, and empowers them to control virtual worlds by moving objects, changing images and creating dazzling animation effects.