Gesturetek Health - Virtual Reality Therapy in Stroke Rehabilitation

Virtual Reality Therapy in Stroke Rehabilitation


Fitness Gaming, 17 January 2013

Virtual reality training has proven benefits for stroke patients. Studies show that the use of VR devices in neurorehabilitation and physical therapy has a positive effect on the patients’ confidence, independence, and cognitive skills, and that it contributes significantly toward their physical rehabilitation.

Virtual reality therapy provides an inspiring environment for stroke patients, motivating them to exercise more than they would in traditional physical therapy, and to achieve better results in rehabilitation. At the same time, motion-activated interactive programs like those created by GestureTek provide stroke sufferers and other patients with disabilities with a sense of control of their environment and play a critical role in pain diversion. The sensory stimulation provided by interactive games increases the patients’ engagement and motivation.

GestureTek’s Interactive Rehabilitation and Exercise System (IREX) uses video gesture control technology to immerse patients into a virtual gaming environment where they can interact with various images and objects on the screen, and get auditory and visual feedback to keep them engaged and motivate them to keep exercising. Patients get guidance from clinicians, who can create fun, therapeutic exercise programs and regimes to address the patients’ needs in rehabilitation. The programs can test patients’ single joints, combined joint movements, or full body function.