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The Village at Marymount


The IREX full-body video games get patients moving and engaged in rehabilitation therapy at the Village at Marymount, Continuing Care Community.


The Village at Marymount's new Parker Hannifin Therapy and Wellness Center is excited about the impact of their new GestureTek Health Immersive Virtual Reality Exercise System (IREX®™). IREX is an innovative and interactive video therapy system that helps patients with their rehabilitation recovery.

Multiple studies on the IREX have shown that patients, who normally would not look forward to their physical therapy, were up to 3 times as willing to do their exercises compared to traditional rehabilitation techniques, and would do their exercises 2-3 times longer. Patients are more dedicated and enthusiastic about their recovery when they use the IREX system because it is goal oriented, provides real time feedback, and immerses patients into a video game controlled by their body movements. 


Courtesy of The Village at Marymount


It's a computer-generated virtual reality therapy world that guides patients through interactive rehabilitation exercises, games, and activities that target specific body parts. Clinicians can specify and measure the range of motion, the frequency of successful exercises, and the number of repetitions completed. The performance is then analysed and recorded to show improvement after each play, providing quantitative results on the session-to-session progress of the patients.

The system includes a camera, computer, large display, and more than 20 virtual environments to choose from. Patients can interact and become engaged in various physical activities ranging from household chores and assembly line applications to soccer, basketball, volleyball, juggling, playing the drums, snowboarding, and more!

The IREX system has completely revolutionised the physiotherapy world. With over 40 studies conducted it has been shown time and time again that the IREX system provides a new type of therapy that can dramatically improve balance, strength, endurance, and speed when compared to traditional therapy.



"The IREX system is an integral part of our community reintegration program as it will enable our residents to return home with an enhanced level of activities for daily living. As far as we know, we are the only rehab facility in the tri-state area providing this type of virtual reality therapy."

Sue Nall
Executive Director of the Village at Marymount



Courtesy of The Village at Marymount