Gesturetek Health - Shriners for Children Medical Center Lexington

Shriners for Children Medical Center Lexington


"The wall, with its many interactive scenes, provides countless hours of happiness to our patients and their families.”  

Dale Wallenius, Director of Development, Lexington Shriners Hospital



Donated to the hospital by Drs. Gopal & Mina Majmundar, a family of physicians, the interactive WallFX at Shriners Children Medical Center Lexington is a gift that will delight families and patients alike for years to come. Located in the lobby of the hospital’s Ambulatory Surgical Center, it provides endless opportunities to engage patients in fun, collaborative play, while also distracting from the anxiety that children can experience when visiting the hospital. “When we ask [children] what they think, they say, ‘This place doesn’t make me afraid of coming to see the doctor,’” said Morgan Hall, Shriners’ public relations director. “That’s exactly what we want to hear.” And since these interactive projections are gesture based and don’t require touching anything, they also help reduce the spread of germs by lowering the chances of contact, a benefit to both families and hospital management equally.