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St. John North Shore Hospital


Innovative Technology Opens Up New Worlds to Patients with Physical and Cognitive Disabilities

GestureTek Health, a division of GestureTek Inc, pioneer and world leader in gesture-controlled technology is proud to join forces with St. John North Shore Hospital to give people with all levels of disabilities the opportunity to interact in a virtual world that would otherwise be inaccessible. Paraplegics can now snowboard, stroke victims can swim with sharks and a disabled child can slam-dunk a virtual basketball.


Courtesy of St. John Providence


The IREX allows the clinician to design a fun, interactive exercise program that tests single joints to full-body function. Patients are immersed in a whole-body virtual environment where they can interact with screen images designed to enhance the sense of “presence” and auditory and visual feedback is in real time which promotes greater stimulation and therefore improved effort in rehabilitation exercises.


“Medical research confirms that Virtual Reality therapy is beneficial for patients with cognitive and physical disabilities including cerebral palsy, autism, Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as those recovering from stroke, traumatic brain injury and other related cognitive and physical disabilities”, said Ron Kelusky, President, GestureTek Health.

“Research has also shown that Immersive Therapy can play an important role in pain diversion for many patients. GestureTek’s applications have been proven to provide important patient distraction, motivation and engagement, which can result in a more success-oriented rehabilitation experience”, added Kelusky.

The IREX can be used in hospitals or clinics and as with all GestureTek systems, the IREX is completely gesture-controlled and does not require patients to use Head Mounted Devices, or other peripheral devices which virtually eliminates the concern of cross-contamination.