Gesturetek Health - GestureTek Technology Helps Children with Disabilities Walk

GestureTek Technology Helps Children with Disabilities Walk
December 16 2010

Dean Kopfensteiner walks slowly and deliberately across a bed of red and orange leaves. Wherever he steps, the leaves scatter to reveal a robot arm, then a leg and finally a whole transformer.

Dean, 6, has cerebral palsy and in therapy uses a new technology called The Cube to help him walk.

He demonstrated his abilities Wednesday in the new Building Trades of Alberta Courage Centre, which opened last month at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital.

The Cube, made by Canadian company GestureTek, is comprised of a computer and a projector that sit inside a big black box and shine images onto the floor, said Darrell Goertzen, a technology service leader at the Glenrose.

"The motion sensors detect movement near the surface and that causes the different interaction effects," he said.

Children with debilitating conditions use the device by walking on the projected image and watching their steps change the picture. In some games, smoke billows or water ripples with each step, revealing a secret image underneath or creating an exciting visual.

Courtesy of Chester Network