Gesturetek Health - Golisano Childrens Hospital of Southwest Florida

Golisano Childrens Hospital of Southwest Florida


"I can honestly say that our patients, families and staff really LOVE these pieces. They are very successful and have over exceeded expectations for providing integrated positive distractions!"

 Melissa Flaugher, Senior Facilities Designer 



The recently completed Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida, a member of the Lee Health Network, has ensured their new facilities are inviting to patients and families through excellent care and patient focused design. And as any healthcare provider will tell you, an inviting atmosphere plays a big part of a positive patient experience. To support a child-friendly atmosphere, 11 of GestureTek’s interactive projections were installed in the new facility.  With 5 WallFX, 2 GroundFX and 4 Cubes, there's one on almost every floor. 




The dual projection cooridoor on the main floor, and GroundFX in the second floor elevator lobby,  arguably have the most impressive impact. In the second floor lobby, a large scale interactive floor projection is the central focal point, branded with the hospitals name and mascots. The projection rotates through a variety of scenes, from a bright blue sky with clouds and interactive characters, to a sandy ocean floor with oversized interactive polaroid’s, all reacting to the sweep of a foot or wave of a hand. There are rippling water effects and custom ‘floating’ animations along with playful sound effects and gentle music. 



In the main floor cooridor between the old building and the new facilities, you will find the roughly 6 meter long interactive dual projection, animated with the iconic sites and sounds of the Florida Everglades. Children can interact with almost every aspect of the scene, making turtles roll, fish swim, flowers dance or flamingos, butterflies and tree birds take flight. And there really are no limits on who can enjoy these projections either, as parents and staff have been just as enthralled with the interactive projections throughout the hospital.






"Thanks for all of your help in facilitating such a great set of products for our children, families and staff! They make a huge impact and are a great positive distraction for everyone!"

Melissa Flaugher, Senior Facilities Designer